Friday, 11 April 2014

Final Evaluation Question 7

Final Evaluation Question 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

I used the school computers that were available to me. The computer was an Intel core 13 system and edge 10 monitor. This hardware allowed me to access Photoshop, the software I needed to design my magazine. However I did some of my work on my Sony Vaio laptop at home.
This is the editing software I used to create my magazine. After being taught the basics on Photoshop by my teacher and having a play around with it myself I was able to create my draft. I then used my knowledge after I could effectively use the software to help my create my real final magazine. The sort of tools I used on Photoshop include cropping, cropping using the magic wand tool, re-sizing images, changing the colour effects and adding and deleting layers.

The Nikon D3200 is the camera I used to take my photos for my magazine. I borrowed it from the school to take my photos. It is a very good quality camera and I think it reflects that in the photos I produced using it. It was great for a variation in shots as I was able to zoom in very close for a close-up shot and it kept focus and didn't blur or pixel-ate in any way.

I used a tripod to keep my shots steady and at the perfect height and angle. This was very effective as it made my pictures look a lot more professional by using good quality equipment.

I used Microsoft Word to write up my double page spread article as I felt it was the most effective way to structure and display my writing. Also it allowed me to keep a word count on my work so that I could anticipate how much room I would need and how much room it would take up on my double page spread.

This is useful application as it is an online publishing website I used it to upload my word documents and then embed them onto my blog.

I used this application to create a video. It was an effective way to represent my work and pitch my ideas.

This was a very useful piece of kit. I used this to save my work and transfer it from the school computers to my laptop at home so I could keep up to date with my work and make progress.

I used Google Chrome, it was vital in my planning and research before creating my magazine.

I used Blogger to upload all of my work online. It was a good method as it allowed me to receive instant feedback from my teachers so I could improve and adjust my work. It was also a good device as it displays my work easily online and I can't lose any of my work.

I used Flickr to upload all of my photos on to the internet to an easily accessible source that kept my photos in good quality so that I could use them whenever I needed to instantly.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Final Evaluation Question 5

Final Evaluation Question 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?

An example of my audience is a student, Jack Wildbore from Leicester. He currently works at Leicester City football club in the club shop as a sales assistant. Jack loves his music and has recently taken a liking to the alternative music genre. He listens to bands such as The 1975, Foals, Crystal Fighters and other similar bands. This is the exact music genre / fashion and style type that I am using as the theme for my magazine meaning Jack will be interested in what my magazine has to offer. The audience I am targeting is 15 to 25 year old males and Jack fits this category as a 17 year old lad making him a good audience profile. Jack would come under the Indie Scenesters tribe as he likes to wear clothes that make him different in a crowd. Also he attends festivals and is attending Reading festival this year for the third year running. Jack also likes to find new music and has a spotify account which lets him access loads of different music and he can search for related artists and find new music that he enjoys.

To research for my audience I used the website Chanel 4 UK Tribes and looked at the different types of people that would potentially read my magazine. I found Indie scenesters, this is the category Jack falls into. The information I have gathered form this is that they are the type of people that go searching for new upcoming music. Jack regularly goes to see small upcoming bands and local gigs in search of finding something new. They also have reputation to bring back the fashion earlier periods in time such as bringing back the flares look most recently which has come from the 80s time period. Jack could also be associated with indie scenesters in this way as he likes to wear baggy flared jeans on occasions and other clothing such as bomber jackets and Westfield wax jackets. I could use this fashion element for my magazine because it will keep my audience happy when reading it as they will be able to relate to the magazine. Another thing about Indie scenesters such as Jack is that they are attend festivals, so this could be used in my magazine as I could interview bands and also the indie scenesters that have been to a festival like Reading or Leeds or Glastonbury. I then chose Hipsters to be another genre of people who would read my magazine as their dress sense matches the type of music featured in my magazine e.g Peace, Crystal Fighters. Also the type of clothing that  would be in the magazine because that would also match what hipsters wear. My magazine would be distributed in using paid circulation and customers would have to subscribe or go to niche market shops to buy the magazine. This is good for my target market as they wouldn't want to buy it from a common store, they would rather use another method.